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We help you capture more prospective buyers in todays global printing machinery market!

Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines regularly scan your website to look for new content. These important search engines help bring prospective buyers to either your website or from your competitors. Your page ranking is important and is based on many factors. Factors such as good content and website structure, if it's mobile-ready, has a secure HTTPS connection, good traffic, quick page loading times, amount of errors and much more is considered in placing your website in results from various keyword searches.

Increase your sales by having printing equipment buyers find your offers quicker!

Most websites have a lot of errors. Enough of these hidden errors may cause major search engines to consider the website unprofessional, lowering your page rankings.
This page outlines some of the things we do on your website coding to decrease page loading times, keep your visitors interested in what your website is offering, and most importantly have your website found more often by a greater audience.

Initially we find and list all site errors. We discuss what we found and present you our suggestions and plan.
You will be provided with several before and after reports such as validator and metrix reports that verify the errors are gone, loading speed improvements. A summary of fixes and changes is also provided to the customer after the completion.

Here are some of the items we check and do for your Website TuneUp.
  • Backup of your entire site (and database if available) BEFORE and AFTER changes/modifications are made.
  • By analysis of website coding we find and list all site errors, negative design, SEO problems, HTTPS blocking issues, etc.
  • Analysis of website security issues. Block abusive site visitors, remove easily hacked coding.
  • Add and configure robots to block bad spiders and robots.
  • Add and configure htaccess to block bad spiders and robots, automatically connect visitors to HTTPS, misc rewrites to improve site performance and add security.
  • Add favicons in correct sizes.
  • Add a properly formatted Site Map and register it with Google and Bing.
  • Company Logo?
  • Optimize size of all site photos.
  • Check Assets folder, remove junk CSS and JS.
  • Add Gzip to all pages via htaccess or directly in each page. (Faster page loading.)
  • Optimize all Page Titles, Keywords and other Metadata.
  • Test all pages individually for validation, metrix, page speed and google mobile ready testing. (Before and after reports sent to customer after completion).
  • Create Google and Bing website IDs, install ID script into website and get validation from Google and Bing, add site data to Google and Bing. (Site Map, Google and Bing maps info such as URL, phone number, business address, etc.)
  • We check every page for errors and fix all coding errors. Occasionally 1 or 2 may not be able to be fixed if the original developer used it as a root item that is now outdated and there is no work-around.
  • Usually we are able to fix between 95 to 100% of errors and negative SEO issues.
  • We also make the website look and function better!
  • Configure SPF - Sender Policy Framework and DKIM - DomainKeys Identified Mail (Verifies to Gmail, Outlook. Yahoo, etc. that emails are really coming from you and not spam.)
  • Install and configure SSL Certificates via your hosting console.
  • Check all hosting settings such as DNS, page speed enabled, PHP Version, MySQL, etc.
  • Verify your IP number is not on any global email delivery blacklists.
  • ...and more.

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