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About Dealer-Mailer

We provide sales solutions for printing machinery dealers based on our extensive industry experience...
and provide tools you need to capture more prospective buyers.

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About Us

Our IT firm is focused on helping printing machinery dealers with email delivery and providing excellent mobile-ready websites that will are valued by search engines and allow your machinery offers to be found more often in the global market, securing you more prospective buyers. Secondly, we provide solutions to keep you in compliance with standards and regulations regarding your online presence and make your work as a machinery dealer easier and more enjoyable.

Prior to entering the IT field, our lead developer ran 2 to 6 color Ryobi and Heidelberg offset presses, did bindery work and later changed to dismantling and installing printing equipment. We have 7 years of experience in working with machinery dealers. We are reliable, competent, fair and look for customers with similar values. Furthermore, we can definitely help your business website and workflow as a machinery dealer. Simply call or email us for our ideas and suggestions on how we can help your machine offers and email campaigns secure more prospective customers in this new COVID-19 business environment.

Products for

Printing Machinery Dealers

Complete Remarketing Solutions by Dealer-Mailer 🔸 Design meets Function

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Products and Services

  • DealerPro Machinery Dealer Website with database.
  • Create user accounts. Log in from any PC or smartphone. Perfect for managing your website and machinery offers from your home or office work and on the go.
  • Upcoming DealerPro v3.0 example Control Panel!
  • Updates included for 3 years.
  • Upload photos directly from your smart phone or tablet devices. Add/edit/delete machinery lists, user accounts, etc. from any location and from smart phones.
  • Set currency type or disable public view prices, disable Special Offers box, add or remove categories, create invoices, send freight or rigging quotation requests with just a few clicks and much more.
  • DealerPro Customization

  • Other Service Offers
  • Website TuneUP: Remove all errors from your website, optimize for all search engines.
  • Newsletter System: Double Opt-in. Send your machinery offers the right way.
  • Web Hosting or Managed Servers: Hosted in Germany.
  • Create a Virtual Showroom on your website using your YouTube Channel. Add a responsive YouTube Box on your equipment listing pages by simply adding the video link number.
  • Multi-language for your existing website: Add 2 or more language to your website.
  • Invoices APP: usually located as a subdomain (invoices.yourwebsite.com) includes Mobile Version, database, calendar, etc.
  • Get a fresh, mobile-ready and great-looking website (static or with database).
  • Integrate Google Maps on your contact page.
  • YouTube video channel player on your existing website machinery offer pages.
  • Updating your existing website text and photos, fix errors, optimize, security check.

Basic Pricing

The prices below are 1-time fees and are only approximate. 🔸 For a firm price we will evaluate your website and needs.

 Product *Prep Time *Price
Website Tune-UP 3 days price given after review of your website.
DealerPro website with database 2 days 1295 Euro (1-time fee - no monthly costs!)
Newsletters System 1 to 2 days from 195 Euro, requires a managed server.
New Website 2 to 3 days from 495 Euro (without db, inquire for price)
New Company Logo 2 days 65 Euro includes high-resolution files
Multi-language for your existing website 3 to 5 days from 295 Euro
Invoices App 2 to 3 days from 195 Euro (with db, calendar, usually located as a sub-domain, invoices.yourwebsite.com)
Contact Form with Spam Filter 1 day approx 100 Euro
Machinery Request Form with Spam Filter 1 Day approx 125 Euro
Blackhole on all pages to block bad visitors and robots 1 Day approx 100 Euro
Automated XML Site Map Updater 1 Day approx 100 Euro (updates Google and Bing sitemap on dynamic websites every 2 hours)
Google Map on Contact page 1 Day Aprox 50 Euro
Hosting or Managed Server with Fixed IP Number and new domain URL 1 to 2 days inquire

*Approximate pricing and processing time. Inquire for firm pricing and lead-time.

• As per requirement, access to hosting console, MySQL and/or hosting files via ftp. (your current website host service).

• MySQL for database driven websites. Most web hosting packages or your own web server will work fine.

• We are happy to suggest your best options with hosting, emailing lists, etc.

• Need a new hosting service? We can set up your entire website, email and database system up on German servers, regardless of your office location.

• Send your offers professionally with a Newsletter System. Installed and configured for your firm's needs from 195 Euro.

• Websites includes machinery Dealer Website with database as per customers needs.

• Mobile add-on. Includes integration, installation and mobile browser rewrite script, testing.

• Hetzner Managed Server and new domain: 50 Euro set-up plus 34,71 Euro per month.

• This pricing includes integrating your company data and logos into the system.

• Support via phone, email or TeamViewer included.

• Live Support includes immediate action via phone support or remote access to address the customer's issue, is included for the first year.

• After the first year, customers can send issues per email and call us for help at no charge.

• Updates / Upgrades for 2 years included.

• Additional costs for database customization, language conversions.

• Call us! We are happy to discuss our system advantages before you invest!

• Other languages or custom changes to the system are possible.

• Call us, and we are happy to discuss any customization.

• Standard Bank Transfer

• PayPal

Dealer-Mailer Support

After your initial order
we handle all the installation and integration tasks. You will have a secure turn-key business system.


• If you have and questions or issues arise, we are here to help.

• All questions and issues are answered or resolved within 2 to 24 hours.

• Contact us per email at support@ (our domain) or call us +49-1522-428-5300.

• Please try to take note of where the issue was noticed.

• Although our systems are easy to learn, if you would like help with training we would be happy to connect with remote connections and answer any questions you may have.

• If you have a feature / function / webpage that you would like to include in your system, let us know.

• If you send larger volumes of emails, consider a dedicated server with its own IP address.

• We can set up a server for you, regardless of your office country location.

• Keep your system secure. Avoid open login pages or login links on your public web pages.

• We help you with best practices on site security along with our several included integrated security systems.

• You will be provided with contact info for our 24/7 support hotline.

• Should any issue arrive, we handle it right away.

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